Promotional photography

This article have been made in all honesty and I don’t want to hide anything, rather to show.

I have did something what most company owners and entrepreneurs are not willing to do. Make pictures showing themselves using their own product.

As I deeply believe in a high quality of my hand craft and also and aesthetic value of them, I wanted to show them as I wear them.

Because I value natural beauty, these picture don’t have any heavy post-processing. Only basic cropping of a picture and adjustments like contrast. Also, I do not wear any make-up because it covers what every human face has – natural imperfections.

Most of the work I do, I do all alone – usually because there is no one around who could help me. So this collection of photos is actually collection of selfies and I hope they are well done.

Weather on pictures may seem nice and harmless, but in reality it wasn’t. Because I do two fulltime jobs it is hard to find a good time for photos – especially in arctic region. So these pictures have been taken in nature of Lapland, in -30°C. With no jumper, scarf and most of the times not even gloves. So I am a bit red 🙂

If you think, you can’t do something, it is just your deception. You can do it even when a world thinks you are disabled – it is only in your head, you are just different.

I am not perfect, neither my photos are. But every day I have a lot of room for improving myself – and that is what I do.